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Drive Smarter with Coche and its Exclusive Features


Flexible Schedule

Tailor your driving hours to fit your lifestyle, giving you the flexibility to work when it suits you.

Earn Rewards

Maximize your earnings with exclusive rewards and bonuses for exceptional performance.


Route Optimize

Efficient navigation to help you find the most optimal routes for faster and smarter driving.


Transparent Earnings

Real-time earnings tracking and transparent payment breakdowns.


Showcase Rating

Showcase your high ratings and build a positive driver reputation.


Earnings Insight

Track your earnings in real-time, empowering you with financial insights


Weather Updates

Navigate Safely with Real-time Weather Alerts. Stay one step ahead and safe.


In-App Support

Access instant assistance and support directly within the app in a few seconds.


Driving Process

Explore the simplicity behind the scenes! Set your schedule and accept an unlimited number of ride requests.

Frequently asked questions

Explore common inquiries about our ride-sharing service. From booking to payments, find quick solutions to ensure a smooth and informed journey. Simplify your experience with our Frequently Asked Questions.

Coche is a ride-sharing platform where Drivers are in control of how they provide rideshare services and monetize more. Coche is similar to Uber and Lyft but the main difference is that Coche only takes out 15-22% in ride share fees, allowing drivers to profit more.

Yes, if you meet the requirements for becoming a driver, you can sign up to drive for Coche.

To become a Coche driver, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must have a valid driver’s license and insurance
  • You must have a clean driving record
  • You must have a vehicle that meets Coche’s requirements: 15 year-old vehicle or newer.

You can sign up to become a Coche driver by joining our Waitlist on the Coche website. In this way you will be contacted once the release of the Coche Driver Mobile App with your official invite.

The benefits of driving for Coche include:
  • Higher earnings due to lower ride share fees.
  • The ability to customize your ride options and choose riders based on ride preferences.
  • The ability to drive up to 3 hours long distance at request.

You can customize your Driver options by choosing long or local distance (or both), music style, car size, pet-friendly, smoke-friendly, and other ride amenities in the Coche driver app to attract your ideal ride clientele.

Coche pays its drivers weekly via direct deposit to their bank account. Coche is currently looking into daily pay. Coche Drivers are 1099- Independent Contractors.

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