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Quick Booking

Book a ride in seconds, saving you time for what matters.

Safety Shield

Advanced safety protocols and features ensuring a worry-free journey.


Transparent Fare

Transparent and upfront pricing, no surprises or hidden fees.


Real-time Tracking

Stay in control with real-time tracking for added peace of mind.


Ride in Style

Tailor your trip to your needs, choosing from flexible ride options.


Driver Ratings

Choose top-rated drivers for a consistently excellent journey.


Interactive Maps

Helping riders choose pickup and drop-off locations easily.


Scheduled Rides

Plan ahead with our advance booking feature for stress-free rides.


Booking Process

Swiftly book your ride – enter destination, customize preferences, pick the perfect driver and vehicle, and pay seamlessly.

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Frequently asked questions

Explore common inquiries about our ride-sharing service. From booking to payments, find quick solutions to ensure a smooth and informed journey. Simplify your experience with our Frequently Asked Questions.

Coche is a ride-sharing platform where Riders are in control of how they ride for satisfaction, cost saving and safety. Riders can choose local routes or long-distance routes up to 3 hours away.

Fall/Winter 2024

You can request a ride on Coche through the Coche app. Simply enter your pickup location and destination and choose your ride preferences.

You can choose your music style, car size, pet-friendly, smoke-friendly, and other ride amenities when you request a ride on Coche.

The cost of a Coche ride varies depending on distance, time, and ride preferences.

You can pay for your Coche ride through the Coche app using a crypto-currency, credit, PayPal, apple pay , google pay or debit card.

You can rate your Coche driver after your ride is complete through the Coche app. Simply select the number of stars you would like to give your driver and leave any feedback you would like to provide.